“Personality”- Gingi Lahera and Bradley Williams (Download Version)


“On Personality, Bradley Williams and Gingi Lahera combine their vocal skills to record duo vocal arrangements of many selections from the Great American Songbook, and backed by a solid rhythm section consisting of Dan Delorenzo and Michael Schlick. The recording is filled with clever vocal duo arrangements with buoyant melodies and upbeat lyrics in a manner that evokes seminal vocal groups such as Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Because many jazz standards have been arranged in endless ways, it is pleasurable to hear Williams and Lahera feature some more obscure but attractive material such as “Personality” and “Love Is Just Around the Corner.” “…with its eclectic repertoire, excellent rhythm section, and clever duo vocal arrangements, this recording is recommended to all.” – Dan Healy, ChicagoJazz.com

Personality-cover-bright-v4-edited-“Personality” – samples

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Personality-cover-bright-v4-edited-“Personality” – samples

Bradley Williams – piano/vocals
Gingi Lahera – vocals/percussion
Dan DeLorenzo – bassPersonality-cover-bright-v4-edited-
Michael Schlick – drums
Rob Frye – tenor sax

1. Can’t We Be Friends
2. Would You Like to Take a Walk?
3. This Plum is Too Ripe
4. I’ve Told Every Little Star
5. A Room With a ViewPersonality-cover-bright-v4-edited-
6. Bluesette
7. What Can I Say
8. There’s No You
9. Love is Just Around the Corner
10. Desde que a Samba o Samba
11. Suddenly It’s Spring
12. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
13. If I Ruled the World
14. Delovely
15. Personality
16. You’d BetterLove Me
17. Waters of March
18. You Always Come Back